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The red-hot question of the day, related to all things Mac anyway, is can the iPad Mini be jailbroken? This article distills the hottest, as in latest, intelligence on this matter. First, it needs to be said, if you are browsing on the Internet machine, you will see a plethora of offers to take your money for setting your iPad Mini free of its shackles. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, our pal over at Forbes, has recently taken the time (30/11/2012) to warn all wannabe jailbreakers against claims that the iPad mini can be jailbroken – for a fee. This is an untruth; also known as a lie – the iPad Mini and its attached operating system, iOS 6, has not yet been jailbroken. Timely advice that needs following. What is happening behind the curtains; is the iPad Mini ever going to be set free?

Jailbreak iPad Mini


A word that begins with “fail” can send out a rather negative vibe. But not so in the world of hacking Apple operating systems. A “failbreak” is an attempted jailbreak that is shared among by topflight developers; its very existence indicates not only that a jailbreak is being attempted but that it might even be just around the corner. Josh Smith of the laudable Gotta Be Mobile has been keeping a watchful eye on the appearance of failbreaks, and sees them as harbingers of good things to come; he sees indications that a jailbreak of iOS 6, when it comes, might work for several Apple devices, including, of course, the iPad Mini.  So, it is a bit of a wait-and-see, cross-your-fingers kind of situation.

What are the developers saying?

Twitter is the go-to space for those who want to know exactly what is happening in the quest to break the iOS 6 and hence the iPad Mini. pod2g, established hacker and jailbreaker developer, caused a collective heavy sigh across the twitter sphere when he tweeted that he was taking a break from working on the jailbreak for iOS 6 and its attached devices. (Or maybe it was more of a wail than a heavy sigh.)

There was a conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in November of this year – 2012 – and it was aptly named “Hack in the Box.” All of the vital players in the hunt for a jailbreaking tool for iOS 6 were in attendance and we can learn a bit about the situation from what was said. (You can watch an entire conversation about jailbreaking – with MuscleNerd and Pod2g, among other hackers, at the idownload blog.) There is some unsurprising news revealed in the stream.

Mark Dowd, who is an expert in security, makes the point that Apple has really stepped up its game with the iOS 6, making it much more difficult to break into. The effect of Apple’s coming up with new security tactics for its latest operating system is that it will take longer for the jailbreaker developers to decipher it – and come up with a tool that will break it open. Those anxious to take the cuffs of their iPad Mini want a definitive answer; they want to know when. The truthful answer is that the jailbreak is coming; though not even the hackers that will bring it to us can tell us when. But history does tell us that it will come.

how to Jailbreak iPad Mini

What do you do in the meantime?

Why, you can check out some of the awesome apps that are waiting at the Cydia Store! Be ready with a list when the jailbreak descends. We have put together a list of 5 seductive apps that we think will appeal to most iPad Mini owners.


This app does have a awesome name that radiates violence and cuteness simultaneously, but we are recommending it because of what it actually does, which is allow you to close everything, all apps that are open, with one tap. This may sound like a simple thing, and it is. It is the simple apps that make repetitive tasks easier that we are most likely to hang on to for a long time; they are not splashy but they are smooth.


Looking at two-dimensional things can get old very quickly. This is the anchoring idea between the groovy app, name of Barrell; it puts everything on your home screens into three dimensions, like they are in the actual physical world. We thought you might like to say good-bye to flatness.


This aptly named app lets you swipe your way into lots of actions, smoothly. When you learn to swipe to make things happen on a mobile devise, all other actions lose the appeal they once had. And Zephyr offers some humbling swipe motions.


Mewseek is a beyond cool name that is fitting for an app that streams your music just the way you want it to, and it downloads stuff really fast too.


It is undeniably human nature to want to know who is calling before even considering picking up the phone. One needs to prepare oneself for the conservation that awaits one, after all. Well, Whozcalling will identify even those callers who do not yet have a place on your contact list. This just may be an invaluable app.

In the end, all is not lost. The iPad Mini has not been jailbroken but if history tells us anything, it is that it will be. The iconic hackers of our day may be struggling a little with Apple’s latest barrage of security moves but this too shall pass. When the jailbreak is released you will know because there will be a myriad of voices yelling that it is so – all over the Internet. And we do know that waiting can bring its own contentment, especially when you are making up a list of must-have Cydia apps. When the word comes down, you’ll be able to break your iPad Mini in mere minutes, and then take out your app list and start downloading. All in all, not a bad prognosis.


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